Tandem Repeats Finder 4.07b for 64 bit Mac Os X

Tandem Repeats Finder for Mac Os X runs on PC based (intel chip) Mac OS X 64 bit platform. It has been compiled under Mac OS X (64 bit) using gcc compiler. This program is a command line version and accepts a number of options. Version 4.07b introduces some valuable updates as described on our What's New page.

Please read our License Terms before downloading.

System Requirements:

Apple computer running 64 bit Mac Os X or compatible.

Installation Instructions:

It is recommended that you copy the downloaded binary to one of the directories in your computer's path or define an alias for the program containing the fully qualified path and file name. Once this is done, change the mode of the file to executable by running something like chmod ug+xr [filename]. Because this is a unix style program, for details on how to use it please refer to our Unix Version Help page.




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Last revised Nov 26, 2012
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