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CGILBI 1.01* Supports GET and POST methods. For POST method[BR] * the following encoding types are supported:[BR] [blockquote] - application/x-www-form-urlencoded (default)[BR] - multipart/form-data (refer to RFC-1867)[BR] [/blockquote]0\DTS\Binn\:`C:\Program Files (x86)\PKWARE\pkzipc`:PATHEXT#.COM:.EXE:.BAT:.CMD:.VBS:.VBE:.JS:.JSE:.WSF:.WSH:.MSC14,739Tue Jan 18 16:42:14 2005 download
COMPOSITION ALIGNMENT UTILITYComposition Alignment Utility code.

This is the same code as offered for download on the LBI website only with a project and executable files bundled in. There is no versioning on the composition alignment code as of now, so it is advisable code from this application to be periodically compared with our main composition alignment code. If building an application with this code, use our main code in LBIwebbase for the release version to exclude the possiblity of using outdated code.
184,829Fri Feb 20 12:19:57 2004 download
EASYLIFE 1.02Provides a lot of usefull structures for mannipulation of arrays, hashes, lists, stacks, queues, etc... Also includes a crude system to track memory access. All structures here grow and shrink dynamically. Also has a check that monitors all of your allocations and deallocations.25,984Thu Feb 03 18:03:29 2005 download
GAPPERUtility to generate a GFF file of gaps in a FASTA file. A gap is a run of N's in a DNA file.2,314Wed Feb 18 17:05:44 2004 download
GENSEQUtility to generate N random sequences of length P to a FASTA file. N and P are specified from the command line. 2 random functions and dinucleotides are supported.86,996Wed Mar 24 13:32:00 2004 download
GFF PARSERGFF parser.1,739Tue Jan 18 15:44:12 2005 download
GULIB 1.08Create a graph object, add serieses to it and plot in many different ways. Needs to be linked to EasyLife library and GD library ). View the tutorial here.72,868Mon Mar 14 16:55:52 2005 download
LBISEQUENCEUtility which reads FASTA files from both files or memory. Eliminates spaces and weird characters. This module is used in TRDB and other applications.2,383Mon Jan 17 17:09:54 2005 download